Nancy Harder is an extremely dedicated professional. She possesses a level of preparation exceeding that of anyone I have ever worked with. Her passion for music is truly inspiring and her talents are beyond measure.
Sarah, Soprano
When I remember taking lessons with Nancy I think first of being totally at ease to focus, make mistakes, and learn from them. Her mellow personality and easy laugh made for a relaxing and encouraging environment coupled with her elegance and worldliness, growth came naturally whenever I was working with her.
Sasha, Mezzo-Soprano
The year and a half I had the privilege of taking piano and voice lessons with you, I really learned a lot. And I had such fun! Thank you very much for that time. Also, I had known you for much longer since you were a very young and awesome accompanist for First Christian Church in Wilmington, NC. What a talented lady you are!
Myra, Mezzo-Soprano & Pianist
Nancy Harder is a wonderful teacher! She brought my talent to a whole new level!
Kelsey, Soprano & Pianist
Nancy Harder is a great teacher!! I have leaned so much about piano and voice!
Carley, Soprano & Pianist